Oddbird Low intervention Organic White #1 — Taste This Wine

Oddbird Low intervention Organic White #1

White wine from Veneto, the world's 1st low intervention white wine liberated from alcohol.
  • Goes well with vegeterian food, snacks;
  • Vespaiola, Garganega;
  • Low intervention, natural, fermented spontaneously, hand harvested, organic;
  • No alcohol.

The taste includes notes of August pear, stone fruit, beeswax and a clean, fresh, mineral-rich citric acid.

Oddbird is a Swedish premium non-alcoholic wine brand. Oddbird wines from famous regions of France and Italy go through all the traditional stages of vinification even aging. And alcohol is removed so delicately that all the richness of the taste and aroma of the wine is preserved.

Wine Type: White

Country: Italy

Style: Non-alcoholic

Eco-friendly: Organic

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