Peter Lauer №2 Macerated Riesling — Taste This Wine

Peter Lauer №2 Macerated Riesling

White wine from Mosel which offers a grippy, slightly melty texture.
  • Goes well with tapas, salted almonds, parmesan;
  • Riesling;
  • Orange natural riesling;
  • Natural.

Offers a grippy, slightly melty texture. Exciting nutmeg notes fill the warm bouquet. It is a full-bodied and mildly acidic but – with ambient yeasts – dry-fermented wine with only 1,8 g/l residual sugar.

175 years winemaking tradition in the 5th generation. It was over 100 years ago that Saar wine had a mythical reputation – it was twice as expensive as wine from Bordeaux and Burgundy. Member of VDP (only 4% of best wineries are members)

Wine Type: Orange

Country: Germany

Eco-friendly: Natural

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