Gambino Vini Tifeo Etna Bianco — Taste This Wine

Gambino Vini Tifeo Etna Bianco

White wine from the highest winery on the Etna volcano in Sicily.
  • Goes well with appetizers, seafood, fish and white meat;
  • Aged for at least 3 months in the bottle;
  • Carricante, catarratto Bianco;
  • Volcanic style.

This fresh, aromatic, unoaked white blend of Carricante and Cataratto is crisp with minerality and aromas and flavors of spring flowers and citrus.

Made by the Gambini family at Gambino Vini, which lays 800 meters above sea level - inside the National Park, facing the Ionian sea.

Wine Type: White

Country: Italy

Style: Volcanic

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