How to buy wine without paying too much

Let's face the reality - wine is hard to choose. Millions of labels, thousands of regions and grape varieties, different vintages, producers, winemakers. Even professionals can get lost in front of the wine shelf.

We've got some life hacks how to make your live easier, tastier and you will even safe some money to cook something delicious to pair it. Prepare your glasses!

If you are smart and buy wine in wine shops, here are some tricks:

1. Don't fear consultants. Their job is to help you choose the best wine for your taste, not just to sell you more expensive wine. And the more you talk, the better the wine selection.

2. Tell everything that can describe your preferences. Favourite grape variety, the name of the last wine you liked, wine labels that you remembered, even places in Spain or Italy, where you tasted your best wine. Any bit of information is useful.

3. Don't be shy to say the amount of money you are planning to spend. There is nothing wrong if you want to buy 15-euro wine in the shop with rare collectible bottles. You can always find good wine for any budget, just make sure it's fair for the quality.

4. Be ready for the questions, they will help to offer you the best wine for your taste and budget. What was the last bottle you liked? What's your plan for the dinner? Are you buying the wine for a picnic, official dinner, date or as a gift? Every wine has its own occasion.

5. Wine and food pairing is an art. Which wine is the best with traditional Lithuanian cepelinai? Who knows, no research has been done. To find the best bottle for each dish you need lots of experience, the wine itself might not be extremely exciting, but with the dish it will sing, 1 + 1 = 3. But to know that you need some experience, so you'd better ask wine profi.

6. Don't drink the same wine repeatedly, experiment. You can get you favorite Primitivo in every supermarket, try something new! And wine consultant will easily help, just tell them that you are open for experiments.
If you like Primitive you would definitely like Spanish Monastrell, Garnacha or Californian Zinfandel

7. Basic vocabulary will help you to speak the same language and order the wine right for your taste:

  • Acidity. Remember lemon? It's acidic. Can be high or low in both red and white wines.
  • Tanin. Remember the feeling that leaves the tea after infusing for too long. It's tannins. You can find them in red wines, they are especially good for pairing with meat dishes.
  • Body. You like your wine to be strong and concentrated, you like full-bodied wines. Light, fresh and almost watery? It's a low-body option.
  • Aroma. Regular people drink more than smell, but in wine aroma is predominant. Think what you like - red fruits and black fruits? Fresh berries or jam? Don't hide it

8. Wine pros know how to choose and store wines, so don't fear older vintages if you wanna feel aromas of wet forest floor, mushrooms, leather and so on.

9. The most important tip - try to remember the wine you bought last time. Did you like it or not? Was it too tannic or too acidic? Were you drinking solo or with nice dinner? Next time you come back to the shop, this information will definitely help to choose even better wine.

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Smarter way to buy wine

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