How to buy wine without paying too much


Let's face the reality - wine is hard to choose. Millions of labels, thousands of regions and grape varieties, different vintages, producers, winemakers. Even professionals can get lost in front of the wine shelf.

We've got some life hacks how to make your live easier, tastier and you will even safe some money to cook something delicious to pair it. Prepare your glasses!

If you are still buying wine in supermarkets, just remember:

1. Overall quality is not always the best because of the wrong storing conditions. But big Champagne and other sparkling brands are a safe choice and always cost the same, so go for it. Just don't complain that the wine itself is overpriced and boring.

2. New World wines usually give better quality for its price, so if you are looking for something simple, affordable, and fruity, check Chile, Argentina and Australia in reds, South Africa, and Chile in both red and white.

3. If you wanna try real great wine from classic wine regions like Bordeaux or Burgundy, I'd better go to wine shop. These wines cannot be cheap, if they are cheap, they are not good.

4. Best quality price ratio in Europe is in Spain. Warm climate and local varieties help to produce huge amount of wine, keep low prices and good average quality. If you are fan of red wine, look and Rioja, Garnacha and Monsatrell, in whites check Rueda and Albariono from Rias Baixas. And of course, don't forget Cava, it's the most affordable sparkling wine made with traditional method like Champagne.

5. The younger the better. Mass market wines are not made to be aged, they are made to be consumed as fast as possible. So, we won't recommend buying wine older than 5 years old. Be careful with white wines and always check the color. If it has started to wade and become yellowish, don't buy it, this wine is almost dead. Supermarket white should be as bright and light as possible.

6. Golden rule of merchandising says "the lower the shelf, the lower the price and quality". Same about wine and we don't recommend going low.
Cheap wine is an industrial product, almost Coca-Cola but made with grapes and extra additives.
Just remember - when was the last time you bought instant coffee? Back in the students' days? This drink has nothing to do with real coffee. The same about wine, you'd better pay a little extra to get real authentic wine made by a talented winemaker, not like a cheap industrial drink made of grape juice and different additives.

7. Big brands are not good or bad. They are simply different. Just remember, that every time you buy the big popular brand, there is a chance that you pay more for the brand than for the wine inside the bottle.

8. Supermarket wines can help you to get to know your taste. Just experiment - buy few bottles of wine from the same producer but made of different grape varieties, call your friends, and make a blind tasting. It's time to decide, are you into Malbec or Merlot (if you can tell the difference as mass-market wines can be very similar).

9. Natural cork or screwcap? There is no difference as you are not planning to age supermarket wine for the next decade.

10. Bottle shape, size, and weight - does it influence the quality of the wine inside? Not at all, it's all about marketing.
But the best advice is simple - just don't buy wine in the supermarket. Don't be lazy or scared and walk to the wine shop. You will find much better wines and professionals that will help to choose the best bottle for you. And we've got some tips on how not to get lost - read the second part of our tips.
Smarter way to buy wine

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