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Strategist and entrepreneur. Restructured and managed a company with $150M revenue as a vice-CEO
Numbers Tamer
Improved profitability of a large retailer by millions of euros using artificial neural networks and machine learning.
Wine Guy
Took part in building of one of the leading car-sharing startups in Moscow, sold it to a strategic investor.
Digital Guru
Developed and implemented corporate IT-systems: ERP, CRM, RPA, BI (dashboards).
Edited a top wine magazine, taught courses at a leading wine school.
Our Story
We always loved wine but not always could enjoy it as much as we wanted. Last year we decided to make the wine world a little bit better.

Not just for us but for talented winemakers. Women and men who cannot compete with huge corporations, industrial wines, and supermarket chains. They need to have a right to keep on doing what they do best, - delicious wine. True, authentic, artisanal wine from organic and sustainable grapes.

Not just for us but for local consumers and wine-lowers. The ones who want to drink good wines but don't want to feed the whole wine industry by paying 15 euros for a wine that costs 4 euros at the winery. They have the right to access tasty – wines without spending a fortune.

So we decided to change it. We founded Airate, a smarter way to buy wine. Now you can buy best wines from talented independent winemakers at a reasonable price and get it shipped directly to you in Lithuania. It's time to drink better.
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Phone: +370-66-22-88-10
Kareivių g. 11A, Vilnius, Lithuania
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